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The lyrics are about the "Annioto" or "Leopard Society" of Africa. These tribes dressed up like leopards and stalked and killed humans for cannibalistic rituals, using leopard's claws to disguise their killings. These societies believed that consuming human flesh gave them powers and made them god-like. - Brian


The discovery of brutal corpses, mutilated at the hands of a thief. Obliterated from this mortal coil, their final moments sliced away with deceit. Ambushed in the dead of night, hunted down for their sacrificial rite. Deceived by leopard’s claw. Masquerading in a rosette cloth, stalking victims for their ritual of lust. Deceived by leopard’s claw. Wielding daggers made from feline’s paw. Eviscerating with the rigor of a saw! “And not one got out alive, Butchered by the claw!” Vital organs, essence plundered. The real terror starts when night falls and they’ve gathered ‘round the fire. Carving organs for consumption, defiled! And they’ve left one soul alive, “…for on occasion cooked flesh tastes contrived. Tonight we’ll eat our tissue raw!” Beg for your life. Beg for your fucking life! Now the time has come at last, to conjure power from bounties past. Alleviating this body of life, of life! Tender flesh transcending power!


from Gods Be Forgotten E​.​P., released February 26, 2012
Engineered by E. Biel




Spike the tomb Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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